Family Scavenger Hunt

Family Scavenger Hunt

How To Play:  You must be registered to play.  Click here to register

Pick 6 Items from the list, photograph your child or family with the item, and email your pics to [email protected]

Pictures must be submitted by/on October 25th.  Winner will be announced shortly after.

1. Spooky House

2. Bats

3. Spider

4. Witch

5. Skeletons

6. Pumpkins

7. Zombie Bike Rider


9. Black Cat

10. Witch

11. Someone in Costume

Scavenger Hunt

- Free -

Any Sugarloaf School PTO family can participate in this event.  You must register first by clicking here.  Just find 6 of the items on the list and photograph your child or family with each item. Submit your photos by email to [email protected].  We will announce the winner shortly after. Winner will be based on creativity, attention to detail, size(big or small), shape(perfect or not) of each item.  Extra points awarded for "out of the box" thinking!

- ??? -
Win a Prize

The winner(s) will be decided and prizes will be given out in several categories

- Give Any Amount or Item -

We are accepting donation items or money for cash prizes for the winners of this event. If you would like to donate please contact us by email at [email protected] or by text/call at 305-697-9090