Movie Night November

Movie Night

When: Third Friday of the month (November 19th @ 6:30)

Where: Sugarloaf School Field



- Free -

Anyone can show up and watch for free.  Bring chairs, blankets, snacks, wine. Whatever you need to make it a comfortable night.

- Movie -

We have not chosen a movie yet to play but if you have any suggestions please contact us at [email protected].  We will be choosing something family friendly for all ages(PG).

- Give Any Amount -

Click Here if you would like to donate to this event.  Donations can be money or movie night items that we can reuse for events (Popcorn machine, coolers, speakers, etc.) If you would like to donate anything towards movie night please email us at [email protected].  All money donations will be used for covering expenses of the events (food, snacks, drinks etc.).  Anything extra that we receive will go towards the next events or fundraisers.  ALL money donated and received by the PTO goes back to the children to make their education and lives that much more enjoyable.